We fight Covid-19 through technology

It seems that the world is slowly getting back to a new normal. We never stopped our production lines, we altered them to make certified protection gear for the front line.

We try to do our part, because we’re in this together.

Company Profile

We’ve been here since 1939, making jeans since 1975 and
we’re still here to develop the future together with you.

Fashion will never look the same again.

Sustainability with transparency

We invest in technology to lower the use of resources and we give you the tools to show your Customer how it’s done. We only have one planet and the key to saving it is being transparent in every step we take.

In collaboration with you, we make sustainability a reality.

Sustainability | Cross Textiles

If you have something to say for a better world, you can contact us at the address below.


Here are the certificates with years of our experiences :


Art Comes First

Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh founded the Art Comes First in order to circulate sartorial nourishment through dynamic collaborations. Through the years, their unique aesthetic of punk tailor sartorialism grazed numerous people, and as Cross Textiles was also born from a tailors hand three generations back, we are honored to continue our long-lasting partnership with ACF into a brighter future.


In 2020, Kith’s passion for denim led them to the other side of the globe to work Ksubi who has honed their craft meticulously since 1999. The brands’ mutual admiration evolved into men’s and women’s collections for the season, with products ranging from denim to outerwear made in close collaboration with us at Cross Textiles using our state-of-the-art equipment and sustainable production solutions.

What you need when you need it

To minimize the footprint of your Brand, we offer production in Europe. Short leadtime means that you can place only the orders you need, avoid mark-downs and be truly sustainable.

On-demand-jeans at your service.


Istanbul, Turkey

We have been managing all our group companies with our Istanbul HQ office since 1964.

Istanbul | Cross Textiles

Corlu, Turkey

Our main facility in Europe also houses the Red Cast Studio, a state-of-the-art development designed our Customers.

Corlu | Cross Textiles

Tokat, Turkey

The latest addition to our supply chain is located in Eastern Turkey, creating oportunities for the people in the region.

Tokat | Cross Textiles

Port Said, Egypt

For those seeking duty free ship- ments to the US and high value garments to Europe, our Egypt set-up is at your service.

Egypt | Cross Textiles

We offer innovative and sustainable collections to our customers under the roof of "Red Cast Workshop".

We proudly employ nearly 8000 people

Winning ”Denim Exporter of the Year” 10 years in a row is great, but we’re known not only known for being big, but also as the most personal denim supplier. People have always been our first priority.

It’s not just business, it’s personal.

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