Our Collaborations

Cross Textiles | ZDHC

ZDHC; It is an organization that aims to reduce the chemical footprint of products by collaborating with global brands, textile manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and other companies in the textile supply chain. Using ZDHC approved chemicals reduces the effects of textile products on human health such as clean water toxicity, acidification and eutrophication. As an indicator of our environmental responsibility awareness, our member has been on the ZDHC GATEWAY chemical portal for a long time. We transparently declare our chemical inventory and waste water reports on the relevant portal. We contribute to reducing these ecological impacts with 130 ZDHC approved chemicals that we use in production. For details on ZDHC, please click on the link below.


Cross Textiles | SEDEX

Sedex; is one of the world's leading ethical trade membership organizations working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains. As Cross Textiles, we are a member of and support the International Sedex platform, which aims to improve ethical and responsible business practices in the supply chain. We produce in accordance with international norms in ethical trade and share our social and environmental activities with Sedex platform members. Being aware that we will achieve better with a collective consciousness, we share our knowledge and experience with participating companies through such platforms and reduce our shortcomings by following the projects carried out on a global scale. For details on SEDEX, please click on the link below.


Cross Textiles | Higg Index

Developed by Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index is an approach that allows brands, suppliers, facilities, a company or product to accurately measure and score the sustainability performance of each stage of their sustainability journey. The Higg Index provides a holistic overview that empowers businesses to make meaningful improvements that protect the well-being of employees, local communities and the environment. Since 2017, our company continues to develop by reaching good scores in the denim industry every year and constantly increasing our scores. For 2019, we aim for 86 points in the environmental score. For details on HIGG INDEX, please click on the link below.


Cross Textiles | EIM

EIM is the first Environmental Impact Measurement software created specifically to help the denim washing industry create more sustainable processes. Our company aims to make use of all available software opportunities to measure and monitor its environmental impact. Because we believe that the first step towards minimizing this impact is to clearly assess where the impact is greatest. We monitor the environmental impact of our products using the Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) software prepared for the denim industry. With this software while our products are in the design phase, we can calculate our water and energy consumption, chemical usage and employee health compliance with scores. For details on EIM, please click the link below.


Cross Textiles | BVE3

It is a platform prepared by Bureau Veritas, one of the important institutions of the auditing sector, that allows companies to monitor the environmental impacts caused by their chemical use. BVE3 platform is used and supported by our company. With the BVE3 platform, we keep our chemical inventory under control and reduce our environmental impact by preventing the discharge of hazardous chemicals. In addition, we share our chemical inventory with our stakeholders transparently through BVE3. For details on BVE3, please click on the link below.