Cross Textiles Is Leading The Industry With Its Sustainable Practices!

Award-Winning Writer and Sustainability Activist Marga Hoek participated as a guest speaker at the 15th ISO Industry Congress held at Haliç Congress Center on Tuesday, December 7th. The main topic of Hoek's speech, which showed an impressive performance, was on the Responsibilities of Companies in the Journey of Sustainability, Opportunities for the Business World in Sustainable Development Goals and Changing the Perspective.
In her speech, she cited the Jeans ReDesign project, which we have done with the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, as an example of a sustainable project and mentioned that we are an exemplary and progressive company for the Circular Economy for all companies.
You can view the full video of Marga Hoek's presentation via the link. The part of the video about our project starts at 28:40. We wish you a good viewing.