The Maritas + Cross Collab

Jeans has a footprint. We recognize and embrace the fact that it all starts in design. In this collaboration we are taking advantage of the technology and beauty of the fabrics from our friends at Maritas. We just added what we do best, indigomania and transparency...

Life Cycle Assessment

What is measured is addressed. It’s really as simple as that. Whenever one decides to measure the impact, an actionplan to counter the findings is at hand.

Understanding the footprint of the jeans is so much easier when you have the facts. One starts playing with the different parameters to see how it effects the footprint and based on that, new methods and new investments can be made.

In all honesty, the denim business used to be pretty dirty in terms of the amount of resources used. Today it’s different and visualising the Life Cycle of jeans is one of our key tasks in Cross Textiles. Not only for us, actually, but also for You and for Your Customers so that we can all make informed decisions.

May we repeat ourselves? What is measured is addressed. Come join the transparent world of LCA!